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Carleton College 

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InterVarsity has a long history at Carleton, and we're delighted to be back on campus with fresh vision and fresh ministry. We're a student led movement connected to the Fellowship in Christ on campus, where we're able to partner with other campus ministries to experience vibrant Christian community. Our official name on campus is Mustard Seed InterVarsity, since we are connected to a decades long worship movement on campus.

We meet weekly for Bible study, and throughout the terms, we host InterVarsity leadership cohorts to help you grow in your faith. And that doesn't even begin to share the time in community spent together over meals, events at the FISH house, retreats, and more. 

Connect with us to stay updated on all of our events. 


Hannah's Story

Check out Hannah's story, a current Carleton student, to hear about how InterVarsity came back to campus at Carleton and the blessing that the ministry has been to her and the campus.


Partner with Us

We're In order to keep the Carleton College ministry thriving, we need financial partnership! Would you consider becoming a monthly or annual financial partner with us? 

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