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St. Olaf College 

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InterVarsity has a long history at St. Olaf, and we're delighted to be back on campus with fresh vision and fresh ministry. We meet weekly for Bible study as a general group, and we also have Bible studies meeting on athletic teams throughout the week, as well. 

Whether you are an athlete, a musician, or a busy Ole in another sphere on campus, we want you to be a part of a vibrant Christian community that is longing to grow together as we seek to bless the campus. 

Connect with us to stay updated on all of our events. 


Luke & Brandon's Story

Check out this story from Luke and Brandon, current St Olaf students, to hear about how God moved on campus even in the midst of the 2020-21 pandemic year. 


Partner with Us

We're In order to keep ministry at St. Olaf thriving, we need financial partnership! Would you consider becoming a monthly or annual financial partner with us? 

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