Focus Ministries

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We know that in reaching specific groups of students, it's most effective and robust to plant ministries specific to their context. That's why we have focus ministries in InterVarsity. Here in the cities, we're grateful for Black Campus Ministries, Athletes InterVarsity, Nurses Christian Fellowship, and Greek IV. Check us out!

Black Campus Ministries


Black students from the University of Minnesota and campuses beyond gather each week for Bible study, prayer, community, worship, and real discussions and support about what life is like as a Black student on campus. And, each February we attend a regional conference just for Black students to grow in their faith. Whether you are a student at the U, or a Black student at a campus nearby, we'd love to see you at BCM. And, if you're a faculty or community partner, let us know how you'd like to partner!

Check out Nehita's story to hear more about BCM (Black Campus Ministries) and the impact it has had on her life. If you're interested in starting BCM on your campus, let us know. We'll partner with you every step of the way. 


We know that college athletes have demanding schedules, and we also know that there is a tight team community that can cultivate some of the most vibrant Bible studies and faith communities. Athletes InterVarsity is currently present at Hamline University, and if you want to bring this ministry to your campus, let us know. We're happy to partner with you to transform athletes, renew college athletics, and change the world. 

Athletes InterVarsity

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Check out Katie's story to hear more about Athletes InterVarsity and the impact it has had on her life and her St. Olaf volleyball team. If you're interested in starting Athletes InterVarsity on your campus or on your team, let us know. We'll partner with you every step of the way. 


Nurses Christian Fellowship

Nurses Christian Fellowship is a unique branch of InterVarsity's ministry, providing robust spiritual development both for students training to be nurses and current professional nurses. If you're a student, we'd love to help you start NCF on your campus. Currently, we have NCF groups at Bethel University, Crown College, University of Northwestern - St. Paul, Normandale Community College. Find some nursing friends in your cohort, connect with a Christian nursing faculty, and cultivate a faith community that works with your schedule and your specific needs in the nursing field. 

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Are you already graduated and working as a nurse professionally? Become a member of Nurses Christian Fellowship and connect to local communities of NCF for continuing education credits. And, you get a subscription to the award winning Journal for Christian Nursing (JCN). 


Graduate & Faculty Ministries (GFM)

At the University of Minnesota, you can find us as Graduate Christian Fellowship, GCF. We are a group of graduate students and faculty, who think the life of the mind is a central feature of the Christian faith.   We seek to engage the wider university community and pursue this by focusing on four areas; spiritual formation, development of community, evangelism and service, and the interaction of faith, learning, and practice.

Are you interested in starting a GFM group on your campus for graduate students and faculty? We'd love to help you do just that. Send us a note, and one of our staff will help you get started.

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