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University of Minnesota

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UMN InterVarsity consists of multiple different ministries, all united for the same goal of forming thriving Christian witnessing communities on campus. Check out Black Campus Ministries,  Nurses Christian Fellowship or Graduate Christian Fellowship.

Black Campus Ministries 

We're the only Christian campus org at UMN for Black students, and we're excited to be a vibrant community with great stories, great food, great worship, and a great love for God. Come hang out with us at UMN BCM and see how it changes your college career!

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Graduate & Faculty Ministry 

InterVarsity's Graduate Christian Fellowship, (GCF) at the U of MN is a group of graduate students and faculty, who understand the life of the mind is an important component of living the Christian faith.   We seek to engage the wider university community and pursue this by focusing on four areas: spiritual formation, development of community, evangelism and service, and the interaction of faith, learning, and practice.


If you desire to know more about this ministry, we would be delighted to meet you.   We pray Wednesday evenings (online).  There is an international student small group, which meets on Thursdays at 5:15 in Moos Tower.  Other groups will form as people have interest.  Whether you are a new or returning student, someone, who is following Jesus or someone, who is spiritually curious, it would be great to get to know you and have you join us in pursuing a deeper understanding of God's role in our place at the University of MN.  For more info, reach out to Chet Mulholland, GCF staff, at  

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Partner with Us

We're In order to keep the University of Minnesota ministry thriving, we need financial partnership! Would you consider becoming a monthly or annual financial partner with us? 


Undergrad InterVarsity

Are you an undergrad student interested in joining campus ministry at UMN? There are many great options for you, so reach out to us, and we'll help you find the right fit, whether it's InterVarsity or something else. 


Nurses Christian Fellowship

We're excited to have Nurses Christian Fellowship at UMN as we cultivate a community of future nurses seeking Jesus in the midst of demands and challenges of school and nursing life. 

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