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Metro Area Day

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Each semester, we host a Metro Area Day for InterVarsity students from around the Twin Cities. You can come, your friends from campus can come, and your friends who go to a different campus can come! This is a great opportunity for you to grow in your faith around a big group of college students from other campuses who are doing the same thing. 

Join us this fall on Saturday, September 23rd from 9am-1pm at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Plymouth, MN (5005 Northwest Blvd, Plymouth, MN 55442).


Sign Up Here 

Go ahead and sign up, and we'll email you more information as we get closer to the day.

See you September 23rd!


What will we be doing? We get to connect with students from our own campus, students from other campuses, experience great worship, quiet times with God, amazing food, breakout sessions, and fun. By the end of the day, you will have grown in community with others from your campus and in your relationship with God. 


How much does this cost? Nothing - it's free!

How do I get there? Your campus will coordinate rides!

Can I invite my friend from another campus? Definitely. Just have them sign up at this link.

What will worship be like? Tom Vang, a local worship leader, will come in to lead our time - it's always amazing to worship with other college students! 

What if I have a conflict for part of the time? No worries. We encourage you to come for the full time so that you get the most out of it, but if you have a conflict you can't work around, just let your staff know!

What are the breakout sessions? You get to choose one breakout session. Here is what we are offering this year: 

Growing Good Friendships: So you've met a lot of people on campus, but how do you grow good friendships that are fun and encouraging for you and for others? Join this breakout for some ideas on how to grow strong friendships that honor God. 

Getting Settled Spiritually: Whether you are a new or returning student, we all need help getting settled into spiritual rhythms in transitions. In this breakout, we'll talk about how to settle into rhythms of quiet times, Sabbath, and church on campus. 

Self Care for InterVarsity Leaders: Are you a student leader with InterVarsity? We know that the beginning of the year can be a lot, so this breakout is a space for you to recharge, be encouraged, and learn some ways to care for yourself as a ministry leader. 

Being a BIPOC Student on Campus: There are unique challenges and opportunities in being a BIPOC student on your campus, and in this breakout, you'll get to connect with and learn from other BIPOC students across the Twin Cities.

Reaching Out to Your Friends: How can you be authentic about your faith around your non-Christian friends, and how might that make a difference in your life? Join this breakout to learn everyday ways to be intentional in the lives of your friends. 

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