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Metro Area Day

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Each semester, we host a Metro Area Day for InterVarsity students from around the Twin Cities. You can come, your friends from campus can come, and your friends who go to a different campus can come! This is a great opportunity for you to grow in your faith around a big group of college students from other campuses who are doing the same thing. 

Join us this spring for our Teach Us to Pray theme on Saturday, April 15th from 10-4pm at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Plymouth, MN (5005 Northwest Blvd, Plymouth, MN 55442).


Sign Up Here 

Go ahead and sign up, and we'll email you more information as we get closer to the day.


See you April 15th!


What will we be doing? This spring's theme is Teach Us to Pray. We get to connect with students from our own campus, students from other campuses, experience great worship, quiet times with God, amazing food, breakout sessions, and fun. By the end of the day, you will have grown in why we pray, how to pray in engaging ways, and will have found even more community to play with. 


How much does this cost? Nothing - it's free!

How do I get there? Your campus will coordinate rides!

Can I invite my friend from another campus? Definitely. Just have them sign up at this link.

What will worship be like? Aashish Baskaran, a local worship leader, will come in to lead our time - it's always amazing to worship with other college students! 

What if I have a conflict for part of the time? No worries. We encourage you to come for the full time so that you get the most out of it, but if you have a conflict you can't work around, just let your staff know!

What are the breakout sessions? You get to choice two breakout sessions - here is what we're offering this year:

Communal Prayer Room: This will be a space where you can move through different prayer practices with a partner or group. It's a great way to engage in different styles of prayer in a fun and approachable way. 

Praying When You're Joyful: Sometimes we know how to pray when life is hard, but when things are going well, it can be easy to forget about prayer. Daima Mosiori, a Black Campus Ministries InterVarsity alumni, will lead this breakout, and you'll leave with fresh prayer rhythms for when life is going well.

Praying When Life is Hard: How do you pray when it seems like everything is going wrong, or when you're in a hard spot? How do you help a friend pray or pray for a friend when they're in this place? Come to this breakout, led by University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill InterVarsity alumni Dan Harrel, and learn what prayer can look like when your life or your friend's life is hard.

Praying for the World: Each day, our news apps are full of news around the world. Where do we start? How do we pray? InterVarsity alumni Logan Pankratz cares deeply about the world and will lead you in practical ways to hold your world in prayer.

Praying for your Campus: You walk around campus all day long. You probably know places of joy or pain on campus, but how do you pray for your campus in a way that makes a difference? Join this breakout with University of Minnesota InterVarsity alumni, Alison Haupt, to learn how to pray for your campus in a way that joins with what God is doing on campus. 

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