Metro Area Day

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Each semester, we host a Metro Area Day for InterVarsity students from around the Twin Cities. You can come, your friends from campus can come, and your friends who go to a different campus can come!

We are thrilled to say that we will be gathering in person for Metro Area Day this semester! Join us Saturday, April 9th from 10-4pm at Mill City Church Commons (3023 Randolph St. NE) in Minneapolis.


Spiritual Formation

We're all being formed by something. As followers of Jesus, we get the opportunity to learn what it's like to be formed by Jesus Himself - full of peace, abundance, character, boldness, grace, justice, and wholeness. 

By the end of the day, you'll have experienced five different habits that you can incorporate into your life with God - musical worship, time alone with God, fun, and two practices of your choosing from the breakout sessions described below. We're excited to spend the day with you!



Sign Up Here 

Go ahead and sign up, and we'll email you more information as we get closer to the day.


See you April 9th!


What will we be doing? We get to connect with students from our own campus, students from other campuses, experience great worship, quiet times with God, amazing food, vibrant Scripture study, and energizing real discussions about life in college.


How much does this cost? Nothing - it's free!

How do I get there? Your campus will coordinate rides!

Can I invite my friend from another campus? Definitely. Just have them sign up at this link.

What if I have a conflict for part of the time? No worries. We encourage you to come for the full time so that you get the most out of it, but if you have a conflict you can't work around, just let your staff know!

What are the breakout sessions?


Lament (with Ashley Bauer-Yuen): Sometimes it can feel impossible to navigate and process the challenges and heartbreak of our world. Lament is a key spiritual practice for Christians as we seek to stay present with Jesus and those around us in our world's pain  and grief.

Sabbath: Often, our lives can feel overbooked and over-busy. But, God didn't design the world or our lives this way, and we have Sabbath as a gift to help us slow down and connect with God. In this breakout, be encouraged in taking time each week to refresh with God.

Living in Your True Self (with Bryan Ward): We know... it's a complicated name. But, at its root, it's about identifying the scripts in your head and heart that aren't how God intended for things to be. This is the place for you to rest in God's care for you and God's delight in you.

Environmental Stewardship (with Andy Lickel): Do you long to see our world cared for and nurtured? This is a spiritual practice where we can meet God. Join this breakout to learn how we care for God's earth as an important part of our formation. 

Engaging Racial Justice (with YeEun Kwak & Amy Staley): God created each person in God's image, but throughout history and today, our human sin has marred that. Join this breakout to see the essential way that pursuing justice helps us be more like Christ.

Spiritual Friendship (with Donna Johnson): Do you long for deep friendships, centered in Christ? This is the breakout for you.